GODN/Rap-A-Lot Entertainment Presents the Annual C-Day Bash Weekend 2020!!!

GODN/Rap-A-Lot partners with Strapped Condoms to host the Annual Birthday Bash Weekend for 

Chicago legend "Crusher" sponsored by Rap-A-Lot Entertainment!!!

August 7th - 9th

Chicago, IL

GODN/Rap-A-Lot Entertainment Presents "A Ladies & Gentlemen's Affair"

GODN/Rap-A-Lot partners with Strapped Condoms to host GODN's Annual Winter Bash sponsored by

Rap-A-Lot Entertainment!!!

November 28th - 29th

Atlanta, GA

About Us

Introducing G.O.D.N.


Gentlemen of Distinguish Nature Entertainment, also known as G.O.D.N. Ent., is an emerging urban culture sensation. The company, which is a subsidiary of J. Prince’s infamous Rap-A-Lot Records, has been most recognized for its edgy urban flare and notorious “no nonsense” persona. Though fairly new to the industry, G.O.D.N.'s sophisticated street savvy coupled with a strong executive team has allowed the company to establish a strong brand and develop solid relationships with some of the industry’s most recognized heavyweights, making them a force to be reckoned with in entertainment!


With the sky as the limit, the Gentlemen of Distinguished Nature brand is focused on giving the world nothing but the best in quality and artistic vision. This is the new era - The Movement of G.O.D.N.! 

"We're not just building a brand, we're building a legacy..." 

- Founder,  Johnny "Crusher" Jackson



G.O.D.N. and its artists have had the pleasure of working with the likes of Offset of Migos, Lil Scrappy, Trae Tha Truth, Snootie Wild, Rico Richie, Future, Yo Gotti and more! Currently, the company is focusing on several projects coming forth throughout 2019, including a nationwide tour, several highly anticipated artist mixtapes and albums, and the politically motivated film "Unarmed, Don't Shoot," which highlights several scenarios of unjust killings within black community and boasts a star studded hip hop cast including the Lil Scrappy, Rico Richie, Yoson Tala, and a host of G.O.D.N. artists and affiliates.



Gentlemen of Distinguished Nature Clothing certainly has no intention on taking a backseat to the G.O.D.N. spotlight, as it gears up for the launch of its latest fashion line due to showcase at February's Magic Show in Vegas! The line boasts of sophisticated menswear bearing the exclusive signage of G.O.D.N., which has become synonymous with today's street savvy debonair business man! Also, the company previewed its women's line for Ladies of Distinguished Nature which was officially launched in the summer of 2018! Check out our available styles @




G.O.D.N. Films has big things in the works for the new year, springing forth a pilot for a new reality show concept depicting the road to success for the uniquely fashioned hip hop empire in the making! Also, on the G.O.D.N. Films agenda for 2019...the highly anticipated politically motivated film "Unarmed, Don't Shoot," which highlights several scenarios of unjust killings within black community - speaking to a largely neglected issue of injustice that plagues communities throughout the United States. With a star studded cast including the likes of Lil Scrappy, Snootie Wild, and a host of G.O.D.N. artists and affiliates, G.O.D.N. has collaborated with Carleone Films to executive produce one of the most passionate displays of the condition of race relations in America since Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing!"


Featured Video

Welcome Home Crusher

Check out "Crusher's" debut event in Chicago, IL after serving over 20 yrs of a 100 yr sentence as Larry Hoover's co-defendant and alleged protege.

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